Want to sell your games?

We’re always open for new acquisitions with an exciting history to join our portfolio. Pitch us your profitable games and dive into your next project! Start by sharing game details, we’ll swiftly propose an offer and agree on terms. Next, let’s meet to discuss key metrics. Then, your game undergoes testing with disclosed conditions, where we evaluate it using our proven methodology.

Step-By-Step guide

Market Research and KPI Validation

We carefully study the market to make sure our game fits our strategy. We use Key Performance lndicators (KPls) to check if it could be successful and fit well with our other games.

Pre-DD Sheet Assessment

We send a preliminary financial evaluation sheet to check the game’s stability. Our product team plays the game to see if it has good core gameplay and if there’s potential to improve it further.

Signing an MNDA (Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Both parties sign an MNDA to facilitate the sharing of sensitive data. This allows our growth and user acquisition (UA) team to validate the information provided in the DD sheet.

Final Product Validation

All concerned parties participate in the final validation of the product. This step ensures alignment with expectations and confirms the potential for success in the market.

Internal Valuation and Negotiations

We evaluate the game internally, looking at things like how popular it could be, how it plays, and how it makes money. Then we start talking about details like when and how we’II pay for it and any specific things we need.

Binding Agreement and Asset Transfer

After we agree on the terms. both parties sign a contract. Then we start making the first payments and transferring the game to our account officially starting the acquisition.

Fill in Your Details And pitch us your game!

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